Kida Spyder race suit 10/12 only used for 3 races . $125.

January 7, 2018

Kida Spyder race suit   10/12 only used for 3 races . $125. Please call  914 980 6522


XL Besson Race Suit Price: $50

December 4, 2017

This Besson Race Suit has pads in the legs but not in the arms.  The tag says XL but while the legs are longer than a Spyder Mans Large, the torso seems to be about the same length.

This suit has got some dirt on one shoulder that would probably wash off.  But nothing is going to change the fact that this suit is OLD.  If you want to look retro while practicing and you have your own arm pads, this would be a good option.

​Price: $50

Contact Elise.Lemire@Purchase.Edu or text 914-325-2474.

Ladies’ Spyder Small GS suit $100

December 4, 2017
Ladies’ Spyder Small GS suit
picture link:

Boy’s Spyder Race Suit size L $75

December 4, 2017

This is a well worn but still completely serviceable (and clean) fully padded Boy’s Spyder Race Suit, size L (see tag in photo).

There is a tear in one of the finger loops that could easily be repaired with needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Price: $75.

Contact Elise Lemire at Elise.Lemire@Purchase.Edu.  Or text 914-325-2474.

Almost New Padded Race Suit $100

December 4, 2017

We purchased this beautiful, fully padded race suit when it was brand new.  My son only wore it a few times and it is still in pristine shape.  The suit is in the University of Denver’s colors and says Denver on the back and sleeve.

There is no tag indicating size but it is the equivalent of a Spyder Large.  (My son wore it as a 15 year old.  He was 5’7″ and about 120 pounds.  A larger or taller child could also wear it.)

This suit would be great for a boy or a girl.

Price: $100

​Contact Elise Lemire at Elise.Lemire@Purchase.Edu or text 914-325-2474.


Pad less Spyder Suit in Mens Small $75

December 4, 2017

​This Men’s Small S​pyder Suit doesn’t have any pads.  My son wore it at age 15 when he was 5’7″ and about 120/5 pounds.

It is clean and in great shape except for some very slight pilling on the seat.

Price: $75

Contact Elise Lemire at Elise.Lemire@Purchase.Edu or text 914-325-2474

Spyder Racesuit, girls, size xxs/10

November 22, 2017
Spyder Racesuit, girls, size xxs/10. Shows some wear but great for young first time racer. Price: $15

Christine Pascarella <>